PROJECT OMMI is a sci-fi thriller set in the not-too-distant future in the ship graveyards of Dhaka,Bangladesh. This intense, cyber-punk sci-fi is inspired by its raw and elemental setting.

Meet The Team

Amit Ashraf
Writer, Director, Producer
A graduate of NYU’s film school, TISCH, Amit is an award-winning filmmaker. His first feature RUNAWAY (UDHAO) shot in his native Bangladesh, released in theatres and received 7 awards from international film festivals.
Jenny Walker
Jenny's production company FoR films has made award-winning short features. Jenny has made over 50 hours of awarded high-end documentaries and documentary-drama for UK broadcasters including BBC, Channel 4 and ITV.
William Budd
Associate Producer
Since graduating with a degree in Media and Popular Culture, William has worked as Media Coordinator for New Generation Music in Bristol.
Mir Shafi
Executive Producer
Himel Tariq
Barkat Hossain Polash
Director of Photography
Jacob Yoffee
Film Composer

A message from the Director and Producer

PROJECT OMMI tackles a very difficult question. It asks, is it inhumane to exploit human-like A.I for our own benefit? Especially when the A.I. entity, is a child. It’s a dilemma we will all face, once thinking and feeling robots become part of our everyday lives. PROJECT OMMI is a timely, prescient socially-conscious sci-fi thriller. It offers a stunningly clever insight into one of the most compelling moral dilemmas of our time: the duty we owe to the A.I machines we create. They are thinking. They may soon be able to feel. How responsible should we be for what happens to them?